Plumbers in Happy Valley - Founded On Quality and Integrity

a plumber installing a pea trap Our Company in Happy Valley is the plumbing company that is called most often by homeowners in the greater Portland area . From Wood Village to Lake Oswego, Sunnyside to downtown Portland, the trucks of Our Company have been handling emergency and routine plumbing jobs for generations now. If you haven’t done business with us then you have definitely seen our sign displayed on the side of the vehicles servicing your friends and neighbors. Our Happy Valley plumbing contractors have built a reputation over the years and it’s a good one. Just ask around and you’ll hear for yourself. 

Setting down roots in a community is important for a service provider. If you’re coming in and out of town without a local base of operation, what is to say that you won’t skip out if something goes wrong where you just did a job? At Our Company you will see our Happy Valley plumbing technicians around town every day. If something goes wrong after we’ve been to your home we’ll come back and fix it. We stand behind our work and we take pride in doing a good job for those that we consider to be our friends and neighbors, namely you and your family. 

Plumbing Happy Valley is a full service provider of all plumbing emergency and routine repairs, installations, maintenance and inspections. Over the years we have expanded our service area from strictly Happy Valley to now include all of greater Portland. Despite that, we still consider ourselves a neighborhood plumbing company and that is the way that we do business. By consistently providing quality work at a fair price our plumbers in Happy Valley have achieved a level of success, but we never forget that we’re a small town plumbing company that is here to be of service to our community. 

If you are looking to have a repair or installation done in your home and need a skilled and experienced Happy Valley plumber to assist you, call Our Company. We have always been here and we hope that we always will be because we like our community. The area we cover may be larger but each of the homeowners in that area is still important to us. The interest we have in your home and your plumbing is far more than just that of a contractor working on a job. You are our neighbors and we’re here to help when you need us. Give us a call any time for quality plumbing in Happy Valley, 97015, 97086, and or 97089.  


Here in Happy Valley we believe in integrity and quality work when it comes to contracting jobs out. To many times have contractors come and go not abiding these rules. This is why Our Company strives to be the break in the chain. We strive to provide the best service to the Happy Valley area everytime we do any plumbing job. See what some of our customers have said:

  • a happy family “We hired you from word of mouth! I think that it's awesome that you dont even need advertisements to be known as the best!”     -- Michael Sweeney
  • “The guys that came did a wonderful job and we were very pleased!  Thank you for the $10 coupon.  We will definitely call you again”     -- Wallace Blair

  • “I’m very pleased with the workmanship I received with the plumbing service.  Your service technicians were very nice and cleaned everything as it was before working the service repair. It was as if they never even came. I’m sure I’m in good hands with Our Company.  Thanks a lot for a job well done.”     -- Bill Whitehead

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